ISP Business Model Webinar Series
24th September, 1st and 8th October at 2pm
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This series of webinars will hear from ISPs, vendors, analysts and technologists on some of the key developments and challenges facing the industry and the opportunities it presents.  Please find the details for individual sessions below and RSVP to

Dependence on good quality, reliable internet connectivity has never been so important. The ISP market continues to develop and grow to meet changing business and consumer habits through improved speeds and performance, new infrastructure, technological innovation and service delivery. A broadband infrastructure revolution is underway with gigabit broadband networks being rolled out nationally, regionally and locally; the deadline for the PSTN switch-off edges closer; consumers are using more and more data; and new opportunities are presented through 5G.

Within this new dynamic there remain questions and challenges that as an industry need to be addressed: will customers pay for upgraded services? How can we grow revenue through new services such as cybersecurity? What new network innovations can improve efficiencies and service? Join us at the upcoming webinars to learn more and discuss with fellow members.

24th September – AGM & Enhancing your customer value proposition  

2pm - Annual General Meeting 

2.15pm-2.30pm – ISPA 25th Anniversary Report 

2.30pm-2.45pm – Case study from a fast-growing ISP on how to redefine value for customers in a Covid world 
Learn how Origin Broadband partnered with Netgem TV in June 2020 to offer more value than traditional Pay TV to their customers and increase their brand recognition – and how you can too.

  • Luke Rogan, Head of Procurement and Transformation, Origin Broadband
  • Shan Eisenberg, Chief Commercial Officer, Netgem TV

2.45pm-3pm – The regulator’s perspective – Overview of the impact of Covid on network performance and customers    

  • Steven Cape, Head of Market Developments: TV, Radio, Post; Nicholas Collins, Ofcom  

3pm-3.30pm – Networking

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1st October – Networks 

14:00-14:15 – Openreach keynote on the implications and opportunities of the PSTN switch off 

  • Phil Laws, Head of WLR Withdrawal, Openreach

14.15-14:30 – 3 use cases on open networking from the Telecom Infra Project and the Open Networking Foundation 
How can 2nd and 3rd tier ISPs and Service providers reap the benefits of network disaggregation

  • Barry McGinley, Systems Engineer, EPS Global

14.30-14:45: 3 case studies on successful implementation of customised xWDM solutions  

  • Marcin Bala, CTO, Salumanus

14.45-15:00: SD WAN ISPA member survey
Finbarr Goode Bigley, Senior Research Analyst - Cavell Group

15.00-15:30 – Networking


8th October – Increasing your network security

Information for this session will be released in the coming weeks.

ISPA leads on regulation and policy

Despite Parliamentarians leaving for recess, its been a busy time for ISPA's policy agenda. The broadband infrastructure working group has continued to shape ISPA's responses to the Access to Infrastructure Regulations and review of business rates. Meanwhile the Cyber Security subgroup has been preparing for the introduction of the Telecoms Security Bill this Autumn, and discussions have continued with Government around online harms.

ISPA Partners for 2020

Open Networking – The Future for Service Providers

In the space of 4 short years the ONF and TIP, along with hardware partners like Edgecore Networks, have altered the service provider hardware industry in aeternum. Their end-to-end, open networking solutions are going to take a large chunk out of a projected 5-year, $490 billion bonanza that traditional vendors like Cisco and Huawei had locked in. Network disaggregation, the pillar of hyperscale datacentres, is now a reality for service providers who are willing to embrace SDN and open hardware to achieve their goals.

AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, Verizon, Telefonica, NTT and many more Tier 1’s have already embraced open networking with both arms and are well on their journey in disaggregating their extensive networks. Now, with the hardware and software maturing, it is the turn of 2nd and 3rd tier ISP’s, and all forms of service providers, to reap the benefits of the solid foundations that have been laid by the backbone providers. I look at some of the end-to-end solutions now as we have previously covered the hardware here.

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AVOD platform W4free launches on Netgem TV

W4free, the advertiser-supported streaming service featuring quality TV movie, documentaries, and series, has launched on award-winning Netgem TV, the better value alternative to traditional Pay TV in the UK and Ireland. W4Free is available now on Netgem’s growing network of fibre broadband providers, Smart TVs, set top boxes and mobile devices. The announcement was made today by Chris Sharp, Chairman, W4free and Sylvain Thevenot, Chief Commercial and Customer Officer, Netgem.

W4Free is at the start of an aggressive increase in movies and series for its curated platform having recently completed content licensing deals with Kaleidoscope, Platform Entertainment, The Film Consortium, Icon Film Distribution and Signature Entertainment that will bring over 250 contemporary movie titles to the platform. The service has also recently added news and sports programming.

Netgem TV has been an ever evolving service since its inception at the beginning of 2019 and W4Free is just the latest addition of inclusive content onto the Netgem TV service, following the addition of Premier Sports, LaLigaTV and 20 other linear channels earlier this year.

“The W4Free service arrives on Netgem TV at just the right time adding a fantastic collection of movies and series for our customers at no extra cost,” commented Thevenot. “We are focused on making our customers’ lives easier by giving them more choice and easy access to quality content on a service that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. By working with content partners like W4Free we are able to significantly increase the value of our TV service and the streaming proposition for growing Altnets in the UK and Ireland.”

“Adding Netgem TV as a distribution partner is an important development in the evolution of It will certainly expand our footprint in Britain,” says Sharp. “The key to our growth will be to maximize our consumer visibility making it even easier for customers to see our curated programme service. Being available on a platform like Netgem TV that is across linear and mobile platforms is a tremendous step forward.”

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Extending 100 Gbps transmission

Together with the increasing demand for bandwidth, network owners face more and more challenges. How to send 100 Gbps transmission at long distances?
More in our article here!
What distance do you need to send 100 Gbps at? 50 km, 100 km or more? Need advice? Get in touch with us! Remember that we offer a helping hand to all companies whose businesses depend on efficient networks. We help to build leading telecommunication networks!

Email: Kris Fuja, Regional Sales Manager, to arrange for a video call!
For more information please visit our website

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Openreach has kickstarted the process of phasing out legacy analogue services

This summer has marked a significant milestone in the digital transformation of our landline business: at well over 100 locations around the UK, covering around 1.2 million premises, Openreach gave notice that it will stop selling legacy analogue services.

Over the next five years, some 16 million traditional phone lines will be migrated to All-IP (Internet Protocol) services. In 2023, Openreach will stop selling products reliant on the UK’s legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (or PSTN). And in December 2025[i] all products reliant on the PSTN will be withdrawn. Thereafter, delivery of voice services will be the responsibility of Communications Providers (CPs).

In the here and now, however, the ball was set rolling in June when Openreach gave CPs in 118 exchange areas 12 months’ notice that it will no longer be selling copper-based products. The exchange areas include Salisbury, the first entire city in the UK to gain access to Openreach’s new, future-proof Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband technology, also known as ‘Full Fibre’.

Mark Logan, Director of Products & Customer Commercial Proposition for Openreach, explained: “Whether it’s our TV, radio, photos or music, our texts, mobile phones and video chats, they’re all digital. And now, the landline is going digital too”.

In March, Openreach launched SOGEA and SOGFAST, two new ‘standalone broadband products’ that allow any CP to offer end customers a broadband connection without the need to bundle in an analogue landline.

In the coming years, it is expected most customers will voluntarily migrate to Full Fibre, as the network’s expansion continues apace. However, the phasing out of PSTN technology will help to nudge the migration along, and more and more ‘post-copper’ locations will be announced as the programme gathers momentum.

A target of making Full Fibre available to four million homes and business by the end of March 2021 was recently revised upwards to 4.5 million premises. The accelerated pace of the roll-out has enabled migration efforts to also be brought forward. BT Group has committed to helping Openreach deliver Full Fibre to 20 million premises by the mid-to-late 2020s.
[i] Stop sell in 2023 and withdrawal of products reliant on PSTN relates to WLR and ISDN withdrawal and not MPF.

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ISPA Awards Update

The ISPA Awards 2020 will take place on 18th November and the ceremony will be broadcasted online! There will be many surprise elements to make this new experience extra special. We will share more details in the coming weeks and months but if you would like to sign up early, please RSVP to, tickets are free!

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ISPA welcomes TandyUK Servers, Grain Connect and Fibre & Wireless Networks to the membership fold 

TandyUK Servers offers a full range of IT related services including on-premises Telecoms, Broadband, Leased Lines, Structured Cabling, CCTV and Access control, and cloud based Domain names, Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Managed Hosting, Co-location services, all with pro-active monitoring and friendly 24/7 Support.

Home and business broadband services and network in selected locations throughout the England, Scotland and Wales.

F&W deploys Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and 5G radio systems for broadband providers aiming to complement the deployment of national operators in areas where there is no full-fibre infrastructure.

ISPA Events Partnerships

ISPA offers its members a variety of discounts for events that we partner with. Many events were rescheduled in the past month. Please find the new dates below.

Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester - 4th and 5th November
Smart Home Expo - 9th and 10th November
AI & ASI Expo London 2020: Plan Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Superintelligence Roadmaps for Economic Sectors’ Success  - 10th March 2021

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