The shortlist for the 2018 Internet Hero has been unveiled, with broadband and privacy the dominant themes.

The three nominees for the 20th ISPA Award Hero are:

  • Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, DCMS Secretary of State – while we may not agree on all of Matt and his department’s policies, the Secretary of State has been nominated as Internet Hero for moving digital higher up the policy landscape, including working proactively to tackle barriers to broadband rollout
  • Liberty – for continuing to hold government to account by successfully challenging the Investigatory Powers Act in the High Court, leading to greater safeguards such as independent authorisation of communications data acquisition
  • Chris Vickery, Director of Cyber Risk Research - UpGuard -  for exposing AggregateIQ’s data repository

You can find out who is crowned Internet Hero at the ceremony on July 12th, book your tickets here.