Read the latest report from industry analyst Stephen Wilson at Omdia and ISPA partner Calix that takes an in-depth look at how take-up of FTTP services can be significantly boosted when an ISP improves its focus on customer experience.

The challenging macroeconomic environment points to the growing importance of subscriber take-up because investors are increasingly looking for evidence of a financial return which means that altnets must attract subscribers onto their networks. Better subscriber take-up can solidify investor confidence, in turn leading to further rollouts. 

The regulatory environment is also opening up opportunities for altnets to drive subscriber take-up. One touch switching promises that consumers will be able to switch to a new service provider on a different network without contacting their current operator. Moreover UK consumers also now receive notifications when their broadband contracts are ending and this too opens up opportunities for altnets.

Some of the key findings of the report can be found below:

  • As FTTP becomes ubiquitous high speeds will no longer be a differentiator, altnets must therefore place emphasis on a superior subscriber experience and this could be achieved with software solutions such as cloud managed WiFi and hardware solutions such as mesh WiFi
  • Customer service is an important component of consumers’ broadband preferences
  • Cloud-based analytics tools that constantly monitor the subscriber’s quality of experience mean operators can get ahead of issues that subscribers are experiencing
  • Altnets could explore services such as whole home security for families or deep parental controls will help build a differentiated retail proposition which could attract subscribers whilst also driving ARPU growth 
  • Altnets could increase adoption of such services by using AI powered data and insights for micro-segmented marketing campaigns based on insights into consumers’ broadband usage habits and personas
  • ⅔ of broadband customers would be willing to pay more for a whole home security system that protects against cyber vulnerability

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