ISPA Conference to Discuss Internet's Role in Society -
Topics include the Olympics, Blocking and Filtering, Broadband Investment and DEA Implementation

The 7th ISPA Conference 'Internet and Society' will discuss issues including coping with the extra demand on networks at the Olympics and balancing ISP responsibility with freedom of expression.

The Conference will take place on Wednesday 9th November at the brand new offices of Law Firm K&L Gates, One New Change, London and is an opportunity to hear the latest from senior Government, Ofcom and Industry on the decisions affecting your business.

The initial agenda is available here and you can book your tickets directly from the website here. There is discount for ISPA members and if you book before the end of September you qualify for the Early Bird rate.

The ISPA Conference takes place during Internet Week Europe and is sponsored by ProLabs. For speaking or sponsorship opportunities or call 020 7340 8741.

ProLabs to sponsor the ISPA Conference 2011

ProLabs is confirmed as a sponsor of the ISPA Conference 2011. ProLabs is a high quality brand of accessories and infrastructure for the data centre.

Originally created to offer a high quality compatible alternative with products such as optical transceivers, memory and cables, today ProLabs also offers a host of accessories and infrastructure products for the data centre including racking and cabinets, cable management, KVM switches and other infrastructure products. For further information

Government Announcement on the Hargreaves Review 

Government responded to the Hargreaves Review in August and generally accepted all 10 recommendations of the report which aims to bring copyright law in line with the digital age.

Government generally accepted that “effective copyright enforcement requires education, effective markets, an appropriate enforcement regime and a modern legal framework", but had considerable sympathy for the rightsholders’ view that they want to see stronger enforcement regimes in place before investing in new services.

Nick Lansman, ISPA Secretary General, "ISPA believes that the content industry needs to develop attractive new business models using developments that the Internet has brought rather than reproducing existing models.

ISPA also agrees with the review that there needs to be more education of users, effective, fully-licensed services and modernisation of copyright laws."

Government’s overall goal is to implement Hargreaves’s recommendations within the current Parliament (until 2015) and they will consult over the next few months and set out their plans in a White Paper in spring 2012.

Government Announcement on DEA Next Steps 

Government also announced the next steps for the implementation of the Digital Economy Act in August and confirmed that ISPs would not be required to contribute towards the costs of Ofcom and the independent appeals body in setting up and administering the regime.

However, ISPs will still be obliged to pay 25 per cent towards the notification of users as well as costs in implementing the process.

Following a report by Ofcom, Government decided not to introduce site blocking regulations under the DEA but will continue to look at the issue.

Nick Lansman, ISPA Secretary General, "ISPA members are disappointed that the Government is pressing ahead with the DEA and are concerned about the impact of costs in sending out letters and implementing the process.

However, ISPA does welcome the conclusion of independent work by Ofcom which has found that the blocking aspects of the DEA are problematic and ineffective."

The ISPA Conference on November 9th will be debating these announcements in more detail and you can book your place to join thediscussion here.

Boundless Communications Ltd Join in August 

Rural broadband provider Boundless joined ISPA in August. It delivers high speed broadband using a combination of fibre to a cabinet and high speed radio equipment.

A full list of ISPA members can be found here and you can phone or email ISPA for information about membership benefits at or 020 7340 8741.

NextGen 11 

The annual national NextGen 2-day conference will be held on 15 and 16 November at the UWE Exhibition and Conference Centre in Bristol, hosted by Bristol City Council. Registrations opened on 1st September - ISPA members receive a discount of 20% on the standard private sector rate and there is an early bird discount of 10% until 30 September on top of that.

The NextGen 11 Conference programme is on the website at and you can link to registrations here.

Convergence Summit South

ISPA is partnering with the Convergence Summit South which takes place on the 4th and 5th October.

The event is free to attend and brings together the voice, mobile and data resellers with the major convergence suppliers.

Attendance is free and you can register here.

ISPA in the News

ISPA was also quoted in the news on issues including; copyright and dispute resolution.

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