As the UK ISP sector and the market's investment community begin to look beyond FTTP towards premises connected, ISPA partner Calix discusses the competitive US ISP market and their collaboration with Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies to secure annual revenue growth, an increased customer base and reduction in churn.

Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies (OTTC) achieved 25 percent annual revenue growth by leading with security services in Calix Revenue EDGE Suites (EDGE Suites) and support from Calix Premier Customer Success Services (Customer Success). To expand into competitive fibre markets near Rochester and Buffalo, the 100-year-old broadband service provider (BSP) had to deliver differentiated value to these communities.

Many OTTC subscribers live seasonally in second homes, resulting in cancellations during the winter. This means fast Wi-Fi is not enough to ensure subscriber growth and brand loyalty. To differentiate, OTTC engaged Calix’s Customer Success team to formulate a winning strategy centered on security services. Using the turnkey services—ProtectIQ® and ExperienceIQ®—in EDGE Suites, OTTC rolled out home network security and advanced parental controls to all subscribers in November 2021. The complete Calix Revenue EDGE platform—including the GigaSpire® BLAST systems, Calix Cloud, and the customizable CommandIQ® mobile app—enabled OTTC to easily bring these new security services to market in a matter of weeks and continue to grow its subscriber base. Thanks to these investments, OTTC leads its market with an enhanced value proposition and successfully differentiates its fibre broadband experience from any other.

In May, OTTC used ProtectIQ to block more than 5,000 threats from entering subscriber networks, a 40 percent increase in blocked threats compared to the month before. This trend mirrors global concern over increasing digital threats and reinforces OTTC’s decision to provide home network cybersecurity for every subscriber. Later this summer, OTTC will continue to illustrate differentiated value with Arlo Secure. This fully managed connected camera solution in EDGE Suites gives subscribers peace of mind and more control over their home security while away.

OTTC has continued to elevate the subscriber experience and drive a successful expansion to increase revenue year-round by:

  • Showcasing value to 98 percent more subscribers through OTTC’s custom app
  • Introducing new security services that give subscribers more control
  • Leveraging analytics and sticky marketing materials to address unique subscriber needs

As the first provider to bring fibre broadband internet to its New York communities, OTTC continues a 100-year legacy by bringing the managed security services its growing subscriber base needs.

“OTTC’s rapid growth is fueled by the full Revenue EDGE platform, and Calix Cloud paired with an organization-wide commitment to implementing positive change and supported by Premier Customer Success Services—a critical partnership,” said Martha Galley, executive vice president of customer engagement and services at Calix. “Through coaching and guiding providers as they streamline processes and prepare to go to market with new security services, BSPs like OTTC vastly improve the subscriber experience while protecting their communities. We are proud to work together with OTTC to transform their businesses and positively impact the communities they serve that will last for generations.”

Learn more about how the Revenue EDGE platform and Premier Customer Success Services help ISPs of all sizes transform and grow their businesses by bringing critical security services that improve the subscriber experience.

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