For many years in the United Kingdom, internet services had been locked down by telecom giants. Residents in the U.K. had no choice in the matter—they simply had to use whatever internet was available to them, sometimes resulting in terrible speeds, no managed services, and an overall poor experience. With only one provider, residents began to protest and demand more competition. They wanted a choice—power back into their hands, not the provider’s.

One example of this shift happened in Hull, where two of its own residents spearheaded a change by launching an independent “full-fibre” network. This shift gave Hull the option of a new provider, and one where the infrastructure isn’t shared.

Technology naturally had to set a new standard, distinct from the previous incumbent provider, where speed and reliability were just a given. Subscribers didn’t want to overthink the technology infrastructure. They wanted to know that the network would naturally be fast and reliable without a second thought.

The real change was happening with the subscriber experience, which was evolving just like it is in the United States. Subscribers want so much more than speed. In fact, speed is the fastest way to lose in this competitive industry. In the U.K., they also wanted managed services like access and usage control, which had never been made available to them before.

Designing a Customized Solution With Calix for the U.K. That Blows the Incumbent Out of the Water

Calix is already known in the U.S. for its proven technology and ever-growing cloud ecosystem of managed services, where investments in the latter have dwarfed competition. But the U.K. was fresh from the internet monopoly, and the industry was just finding its feet.

But Calix isn’t limited to just the U.S. Its footprint is all across the globe, including South Africa and Switzerland. For global internet service providers (ISPs), it makes sense to choose a partner with high levels of experience in delivering not only the technology, but the subscriber experience that redefines it.

By choosing a turnkey solution that includes GigaSpire® BLAST Systems for Wi-Fi 6, branded versions of the CommandIQ® mobile app, and Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud), U.K. ISPs were able to finally experience the power of the platform. Through the app, subscribers could reset their passwords, monitor connected devices, and set up guest networks on their own—drastically cutting down call volume for ISPs. With Support Cloud, ISPs could finally get true end-to-end visibility into the insights and metrics that really matter when building a world-class subscriber experience.

Change Is Coming Across the World for ISPs With Their Eye on the Competition

As more ISPs in the U.K. and around the world look to offer more than just speed, the subscriber experience will drive differentiation just like it’s doing in the U.S. With a portfolio from Calix that considers every stage in the subscriber journey and offers the expertise to deploy it successfully, ISPs can realize incredible new opportunities for revenue growth and long-term success.

Take a deeper dive into how Connexin helped Hull residents with Calix by reading our case study.


This article was produced and published by ISPA Partner, Calix.