Best Channel Support

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From the initial onboarding process right the way through to the day-to-day support they provide for the ISPs, this category is for network builders who provide impactful channel support to the ISPs using their FTTP infrastructure.


  • AllPoints Fibre
  • CityFibre
  • FullFibre
  • ITS Technology Group
  • MS3 Networks


Entrants must provide an 800-word case study that demonstrates the following:

  • Comprehensive understanding of an ISPs proposition and growth objectives
  • Support offering that enables their ISPs to identify target markets
  • Beneficial impact on their go to market strategies & direction on the channels they use
  •   Incentivisation for incremental growth
  •  Tactical support for campaign activity and data harnessing
  • Comprehensive support team to ensure all avenues of support are provided to the ISP