As a founding member of the IWF, ISPA values the continued cooperation and strong working relationship that exists between the two organisations.

ISPA members support the IWF and the successful model of self-regulation that ISPA members have been involved in since the creation of IWF in 1996.

The recent discussions about the blocking of content on Wikipedia has raised some complicated and difficult issues. The IWF is operating in a complex legal framework where it is regularly presented with new challenges. ISPA members continue to discuss the implications of the events relating to the blocking of the URL containing the image from the 'Virgin Killer' album cover on Wikipedia and will be in contact with IWF privately to discuss this further.

ISPA welcomes the transparency and speed of the IWF Board in dealing with this issue and recognises the continued importance of the work of the IWF in its objective to minimise the availability of indecent images of children to UK internet users.


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