Ofcom published its statement on net neutrality today following a consultation last year. Ofcom's statement can be found here.  ISPA's response can be found below.

Nicholas Lansman, ISPA Secretary General, “ISPs in the UK are committed to delivering their customers with the best possible Internet access and ISPA welcomes that Ofcom confirmed today that it was satisfied with the provision of best-efforts access in the UK. The Internet delivers many benefits to consumers and businesses and ISPs deal with growing demand by investing in new capacity and by applying traffic management tools.

We further welcome that Ofcom recognised that traffic-management tools and managed services can offer clear benefits to consumers, e.g. through the provision of high quality IP-TV or voice services. The key to this is that the UK has a competitive and transparent broadband market and ISPA is committed to ensure that this will continue to be the case. Like Ofcom, we recognise that transparency plays an important role and we welcome that Ofcom regards the self-regulatory system that is currently in development as a good foundation. We note that Ofcom would like to see a more creative approach to the delivery of information in a clear and understandable manner and feel that the self-regulatory process will be able to meet this challenge.”


Notes to the editor:

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