IWF Awareness Day -
Internet and Telecoms Industry Show Support -

The IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) Awareness Day on the 24th October was fully supported by the industry with ISPs, mobile operators, social networking sites, online gaming companies, moderators, registries, filtering companies and search engines as well as IWF partners, charities and government departments joining forces to publicise the IWF ‘Hotline’.

Supporting activities included running IWF advertising across websites, emailing staff and customers and featuring IWF information on homepages and intranets in order to reach out to millions of UK Internet users.

The IWF released results from new research that found that over three quarters (77%) of UK adult Internet users who have stumbled across images of children being sexually abused are unsure how to report them.

People that are accidentally exposed to or discover child sexual abuse content on the Internet are able to report it to the IWF ‘Hotline’ at www.iwf.org.uk.

e-victims.org Subscription Service
10 per cent discount for ISPA members

E-Victims.org, the ‘Citizens Advice Bureau’ for Internet users, is offering 10 per cent discount for ISPA members for its e-victims.org subscription service.

When people run into difficulties online, they can go to www.e-victims.org which helps them to understand what went wrong, what they should do next, and if appropriate where they should report it.

ISPA members can find it difficult to help their clients with e-crime and online incidents for several reasons:

· They are unsure of the legal issues for non-technical issues

· Don't have the specialist expertise to advise victims

· Support costs money

The E-Victims.Org has announced a new initiative. Companies can have a sponsored subscription that allows them to direct their clients to www.e-victims.org for advice on e-crime and other online incidents.

For more information call Jennifer Perry 01223 750 750 or email her on jennifer@e-victims.org.

The 11th Annual UK Internet Industry Awards
Sponsorship early bird rates to ISPA members

The 2009 ISPA Awards will be presented in July 2009 and will include the coveted Best Consumer and Best Business Fixed Broadband and the Internet Hero Award.

Entrants will undergo a rigorous three-month testing procedure using Epitiro software. This year the software can be easily downloaded from the 2009 ISPA Awards site so that entrants can start testing straight away.

New awards this year include Best Consumer and Best Business Fixed Broadband, Mobile Broadband, Customer Support and Best Streamed Hosting. This year’s awards reflect feedback from last year’s entrants and progression in the industry today.

Entry to the 2009 ISPA Awards is free and open to all ISPs, including to those who are not members of ISPA.

More details about entry will follow shortly. For more information about early bird sponsorship of the awards contact admin@ispa.org.uk.