Last Remaining Tickets for the ISPA Conference -

There is just over a week to go before this year's ISPA Conference on Wednesday 9th November and only a few remaining tickets left. The agenda includes a keynote from Home Office Minister of State for Crime and Security, James Brokenshire, who will talk about the Government's plans for online safety.

Julian Huppert MP, Vice Chair of the Digital Economy All-Party Parliamentary Group, has confirmed he will join the panel debating ISP responsibility for online content and freedom of expression.

This session will be chaired by Chris Williams, Technology Correspondent at the Daily Telegraph and will also have representatives from K&L Gates, Nominet, Index on Censorship and Netsweeper.

The all-day event is an opportunity to hear from leading industry figures about the latest issues affecting your company. Other topics include; coping with network demand during the 2012 Olympics; next generation broadband; and copyright infringement.

It is a day for networking and sharing ideas which will also include a buffet lunch, refreshments and drinks reception. To reserve your place book here.

There is one last speaking and sponsorship opportunity left so please contact or 020 7340 8741 for more information.

Publication of the Joint Committee Report on the Draft Defamation Bill 

A joint committee of MPs and peers published a report this month on the Government's Draft Defamation Bill calling for it to go further to give greater protection to freedom of expression.

ISPA welcomed the report and believes that the current regulatory framework for libel law insufficiently addresses the way content is published online and has a chilling effect on freedom of speech. When notified of potentially defamatory content, it is not possible for online service providers to conduct a full and objective assessment of a defamation claim without knowledge of the background facts.

ISPA supports the Committee’s recommendation that Government should reduce the pressure on online hosts and service providers to take down material whenever it is challenged as being defamatory and particularly welcomed the Committee’s suggestion of moving to a court-based notice and takedown procedure for identifiable content as ISPA recommended in its evidence.

Nicholas Lansman, Secretary General, Internet Service Providers Association: “ISPA believes that the current regulatory framework for libel law insufficiently addresses the way content is published and conveyed in the digital environment. We welcome the Joint Committee’s report and urge Government to adopt a court based system that provides clarity to all parties involved and believe that a failure to provide a clear and workable regulatory framework for online content will not only have a chilling effect on freedom of speech, but will also undermine any efforts to protect robust scientific and academic debate more effectively.”

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ISP Responsibility vs. Freedom of Expression: The Dumb Pipe Is Dead 

“The era of ISPs as ‘dumb pipes’ is dead,” says Andrew Graydon. Netsweeper’s COO has a broad and deep telco background; he sees the current regulatory thrashings of governments (including David Cameron’s recent “porn filter” proclamations) as merely the harbingers of what is to come.

“It boils down to this: ISPs are essentially importers of information. Governments recognize this and will increasingly hold you responsible for what travels down your ‘pipe’, just as the importers of physical goods are responsible for what they bring in. It’s not just about porn; it’s about web threats and taxes and online gambling and intellectual property,” notes Graydon. “Savvy ISPs are already seizing the opportunity now to both differentiate and deliver value-added services while setting up to comply with local mores as well as current and future regulation.”

Mr. Graydon will represent Netsweeper at the panel discussion “Balancing ISP Responsibility and Freedom of Expression”.

For more information about Netsweeper go to

Discount for Members 

In November there is discount for members on tickets to NextGen 11, Broadband Traffic Management and Apps World Europe. Also in November is the Get Safe Online internet safety and security initiative, which is free to attend, and kicks off the annual Get Safe Online Awareness Week. More information on the ISPA Events Calendar.

ISPA in the News 

ISPA was quoted in the news on issues including; data usage, rural broadband, parental controls, the new Communications Act, cyber security, the Draft Defamation Bill and copyright.

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