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ISPA is excited to host the October Conference in Manchester

After 4 years we are pleased to announce the return of our ISPA Conference, bringing together senior industry leaders, government representatives and regulators to discuss some of the most critical topics currently facing the UK's internet sector.

This year the event is heading North, taking place at the TalkTalk Head Offices in Salford (accessible by tram from Manchester Piccadilly) and will welcome members from across the UK to join for an afternoon of interesting discussions and networking over refreshments provided.

The event will focus on 'Overcoming the obstacles to ensure gigabit broadband is delivered to all citizens' and will also feature:

Keynote Speaker: Simon Fell MP, Rural Connectivity Champion
Panel Session: Barriers to take up - how can industry challenge them?
Panel Session: What should be the role of industry in a cost of living crisis? 

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Digital Inclusion Award finalists announced

We are excited to announce the finalists of the Digital Inclusion Award, in partnership with Good Things Foundation and sponsored by TP-Link. Congratulations to:
  • Spark Somerset
  • West London NHS Trust
  • Tameside Community Computers CIC
  • Gloucester Rural Community Council

 Internet Hero - last chance to nominate

You have just a few days left to nominate your 2023 Internet Hero! The Hero award provides the opportunity to celebrate the good and the great in the industry, highlighting the individuals or organisations that have had the most positive impact on the internet.We are seeking nominations from the members of the public by 6th October. To submit your nominations, please submit the name of the individual/ organisation with your reasons why to, or on social media using the hashtag #internethero

Winners of this year's awards will be announced on the 9th of November at the historic Old War Offices on Whitehall - now the Raffles London at the OWO hotel. We are already reaching the capacity so if you plan to attend, please to book your tickets now through Eventbrite HERE.

Thank you to all ISPA Awards sponsors for supporting this event - Strategic ImperativesFullFibreMagratheaCityFibreNetgem TV & WiFi, Viavi SolutionsTP-LinkCalixClarityDraytek LinksysAdtran, RouteThisLSBUDEPS Global, , AltnetsSoft Serve and PelicanCorp

ISPA Policy

ISPA at Connected Britain

Connected Britain took place last month, featuring a number of expert panels on topics around innovation and regulation and showcasing the companies driving the UK’s digital economy.

Till Sommer, Head of Policy at ISPA UK, spoke on a panel discussing what role should the industry and government play in supporting individuals and families through challenging economic times, during which he highlighted that we can not just rely on social tariffs and that we need a proper digital inclusion strategy and support from Government. In addition, ISPA Chair Steve Leighton spoke to the fibre take-up challenge, and how strategies can be shaped to increase efficient rollout.


Online Safety Bill passes through Parliament

The Online Safety Bill passed through the final stage of Parliament, and will soon be signed into law.“The Bill will regulate user-to-user and search platforms who will now need to put in place systems and processes to address a range of illegal content as well as content that is harmful to children. ISPs, might be asked to play a role in the enforcement of the Bill as Ofcom can ask for blocking orders. The Bill will grant significantly expanded powers to Ofcom, which is in the process of preparing to develop codes and guidance, as set out in their “roadmap”, released in June.”

Open Communications consultation

The Government has now published their Open Communications consultation, which considers whether Open Comms would support consumers in making more informed choices by requiring telecommunications operators to provide data to their customers (or a third party) on demand. The consultation sets out three core elements of an Open Comms scheme:

  • Participation: Services, users, and providers that should be included
  • Data: Data points that should be included, including, price and price rises, reliability, connection type and speeds (up and down)
  • Sharing: Whether this should be done via a downloadable file or via API

The deadline for initial member feedback is October 18th, and the final deadline for the consultation is November 13th. Prior to the publication of the consultation, ISPA sent a letter to DSIT, highlighting our concerns about Open Comms and asking for an open-ended consultation exercise. ISPA has already started to have bilateral discussions with members regarding the consultation.


Join the Digital Povery Allince forum to help ending digital poverty by 2030

The Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA) is a charity that is dedicated to eradicating digital poverty once and for all.We are passionate about the transformative potential of technology to help people improve their lives. However, the reality is that many people are unable to benefit from technology either due to concerns about affordability or a lack of digital capability.

This is where the DPA steps in, they are committed to enacting meaningful change to end digital poverty once and for all. A few months ago, they published the National Delivery Plan UK National Delivery Plan 2023 - Digital Poverty Alliance, which sets out the necessary actions across the public, private and third sectors to end digital poverty by 2030.

To take this ambition forward, they're establishing an industry forum to allow organisations to shape the next iteration of the plan. They are keen to ensure that internet service providers are represented in this group, and so would welcome expressions of interest from a broad range of organisations. If your organisation is interested in joining or wants to find out more, please email   

Digital Poverty AllianceDigital Poverty Alliance
UK National Delivery Plan 2023

ISPA Partners

New Study Emphasises the Significance of Digital Workflows for Business Expansion and Operational Excellence
Looking to boost your business? Explore the power of advanced digital workflows in our latest article, based on a study by Forbes Insights, Adobe, and Microsoft. This piece highlights the importance of digital processes, and their benefits like facilitating data analytics, cutting costs, and ensuring data security. Particularly crucial for sectors reliant on paper-based systems, this read is a must for those ready to future-proof their work. Don't miss out on this pivotal strategy for business growth!
CityFibre awards first contracts to build partners for delivery of its Project Gigabit rollouts
CityFibre, the UK’s largest independent full fibre platform, has awarded its first round of contracts to build partners as it mobilises to deliver four county-wide full fibre rollouts under the government’s £5bn Project Gigabit programme. The deployments will bring ‘gigabit capable’ infrastructure to 715,000 rural properties that would otherwise be excluded from commercial rollouts.
Calix launches SmartBiz in the UK!

This groundbreaking solution empowers alternative service providers (altnets) like Connexin to serve the unique needs of the UK's 5.5 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SmartBiz delivers an all-in-one package featuring managed Wi-Fi via a branded app, robust network security, connection failover, and business productivity applications atop internet access.

Previously, altnets lacked a tailored SME broadband solution, often repurposing residential products or struggling with complex enterprise solutions. SmartBiz offers a turnkey solution, enabling altnets to tap into new revenue streams and expand their subscriber base.

With SmartBiz, Connexin and other altnets are poised to enhance SME security and productivity, contributing to the success of the businesses that drive our communities and the UK economy. Read the full press release here!

Wi-Fi 7: How Businesses can Embrace the Next Stage of

Wi-Fi 7, the next-gen wireless tech, offers blazing speeds of up to 46 Gbps, surpassing Wi-Fi 6 by 4.8 times. While it's not yet mainstream, businesses can gradually adopt it. Older devices can connect at slower speeds, easing the transition.

In healthcare, Wi-Fi 7 enhances remote care and supports the surge in Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). In education, it transforms learning with quicker downloads, smoother video and smart tech integration. It also helps hotels provide seamless guest experiences and efficient operations.

Embracing Wi-Fi 7 is not a question of 'when' This technology opens doors for innovation, better communication and streamlined operations. Businesses should prepare to harness its power for a brighter future. To learn about this connectivity and how TP-Link is leading in the technology, contact our team.


ISPA Content

New Study Emphasises the Significance of Digital Workflows for Business Expansion and Operational Excellence

ISPA Membership

Welcome to UrSolutions who joined ISPA as our newest member in September

Local West Midlands IPS with decades of experience, offering the UK’s most powerful (XGS-PON) and reliable broadband, at an affordable rate.

Partner Events

ISPA offers its members a variety of discounts for events that we partner with:

This year’s RICS UK Telecoms Conference is being held on 23rd November in London and will provide an expert view on how regulators, government, and telecoms professionals are building plans for advancing the market, improving connectivity, and supporting innovation. Attendees will be able to explore practical solutions through case studies and panel discussions and gain valuable insights into the future of the sector, its regulatory landscape, and emerging opportunities. Join the discussion.

Working From Home Live is back for 2023, returning to the ExCeL in London on the 22nd & 23rd of November!
IoT Tech Expo - 30th November - 1st December, Olympia, London


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ISPA Partnership offers organisations the opportunity to connect, develop relationships and grow their visibility with our 150+ ISP member community.The packages run over a 12 month period and include 4 in-person events (including our prestigious ISPA Awards), online thought leadership, marketing opportunities and various other deliverables that ensures your organisation grows its connections in the UK ISP sector.

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