ISPA, The Internet Service Providers’ Association, has welcomed the Ofcom report on broadband speeds.

ISPA encourages its members to be transparent and believes the research represents a useful tool to measure broadband performance and improve customer’s broadband service.

ISPA is pleased to note that the report includes that 83 per cent of broadband customers are satisfied with their broadband service however notes that there is more work to be done to improve satisfaction.

ISPA also supports the Ofcom Code of Practice on broadband speeds, which members helped draft. ISPA encourages its consumer-facing members to sign up to the Code and will continue to work closely with Ofcom to ensure that signatories implement it correctly.

ISPA looks forward to continuing to work with Ofcom over the detail of the report to ensure that consumers are receiving the best possible service. ISPA notes that the Report is part of ongoing research and looks forward to seeing robust data for a wider section of the broadband market.

The report also adds that other factors outside the control of ISPs can affect the quality of service a consumer will receive. As with traffic on the roads at peak times, the time of day that a customer goes online will affect the speed of the connection.

Other outside forces that will affect the speed include the distance a customer lives from the telephone exchange, the condition of a customer’s phone line, the quality of wiring within their house, the type of modem or router a customer uses and the speed of their computer.

ISPA would urge all consumers to consider all factors before choosing their broadband supplier and to always choose an ISPA member.

Commenting on the ongoing research into broadband performance, ISPA Secretary-General Nicholas Lansman said, "ISPA looks forward to continuing to work with Ofcom to ensure that member's customers get the best and most transparent service possible."

Notes to the editor:

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