On 20 July 2022, Openreach announced it had now built ultra-fast, ultra-reliable Full Fibre broadband to 8m homes and businesses across the UK – including 2.5m in the hardest to reach ‘final third’ of the country. That’s almost a third of our commitment to reach 25 million with Full Fibre by December 2026.

Meanwhile, the number of customers who have ordered Full Fibre and are now connected to the new network has reached just over 2m.

Demand continues to grow – we’re handling around 35k new orders every week and more than 40 Communications Providers (CPs) including the likes of BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone, have signed up to our long-term wholesale Full Fibre pricing offer, launched in October last year. This means CPs are placing new orders on FTTP where it’s available.*

Also, as part of our regular programme of build updates, Openreach has today published plans to deliver Full Fibre in 12 new locations across the UK.  Around 140k homes and businesses have been added to the build plan in urban and rural locations, including more than 50k new premises on the Isle of White.   Overall, more than 2,700 towns, cities, boroughs, villages and hamlets are now included in the company’s ultrafast Full Fibre build programme.

The rollout of the new Full Fibre network will continue between now and December 2026 – with a full list of locations and timescales being updated regularly on the Openreach website.

People can find out if they can order Full Fibre today or when it will be available in their area, by visiting the Openreach Fibre Checker 

*Our ‘Equinox’ pricing structure offers CPs FTTP, at a connection and rental discount to standard prices, in return for a CP agreeing that a minimum proportion of the new provide broadband and voice orders it decides to place with Openreach will be for FTTP (where that is available).