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Fast and reliable broadband has become the lifeline to millions of homeowners for work, education and entertainment. Broadband providers are now expected to deliver new levels of connectivity to their customers, and WiFi is at the centre stage of that effort.

In today’s competitive landscape, speed and price alone are no longer feasible strategies for broadband providers to retain market share. Reducing churn rates and their associated costs requires maintaining customer satisfaction through a high-quality experience. This begins at installation, and when done right, everything else will fall into place.

Our research with Maravedis shows that more than 1/3 of broadband providers don’t have a well-documented system for their installation process, thus that they can’t provide the WiFi performance guarantee that their customers want. In addition, the majority of field engineers aren’t sales guys, which makes them uncomfortable suggesting mesh nodes to customers who may require them, but are reluctant to pay extra. By visually mapping out the in-home WiFi experience, engineers can help customers understand the importance of proper router placement and mesh nodes.

RouteThis Certify is a WiFi optimisation app designed for field engineers. Using GIS technology and WiFi heat mapping, Certify assists engineers during their CPE installation workflow from router and mesh placement, to verification of speeds and completion of birth certificate. Its user-friendly interface also enables them to visually demonstrate how the impact of a less-than-optimal router or node placement can impact the network quality of experience — easing educational and upsell opportunity conversations. By ensuring CPE equipment is properly configured, broadband providers can significantly reduce customer churn and return engineer visits, and customers can experience flawless WiFi connectivity on every device, in every room, from day one.

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