Netomnia is a full fiber access network infrastructure provider, deploying full fiber networks to homes and businesses in towns and cities in the UK. Netomnia have traditionally focused on areas that are under served or have had no access to ultrafast full fibre broadband. This has propelled them to becoming the fastest-growing network operator specialising in connecting homes and businesses.


Broadband demand is a constant in networking, in both urban and rural markets. Netomnia is the fastest growing, full-fibre broadband network operator in the United Kingdom targeting underserved towns and cities. Netomnia started their open disaggregated networking journey with IP Infusion’s 2022 Partner of the Year EPS Global, who advised on which solutions would offer greater openness in their network design, allowing them to leverage new technologies, innovate faster and be more cost effective. It was clear that in order to support this rate of growth, the OcNOS platform from IP Infusion was a natural fit for their networking software needs.

ISPs select IP Infusion’s OcNOS-based solutions as part of a progressive migration strategy away from legacy vendors to expedite delivery of services. The OcNOS Network Operating System on the customers’ choice of open networking hardware can provide a cost-effective and modular platform to accommodate current needs, and future growth.

IP Infusion and EPS Global were able to deliver a broadband aggregation routing solution to fulfill Netomnia’s goal of delivering multi-gigabit broadband to one million premises.


  • Rapid deployment delivering reliable, high quality and high-speed internet
  • Reliable Turnkey Solution simplifying Operations for full-fiber network operator
  • Single point-of-contact enabling network expansion
  • Fast time-to-market for innovative customer services
  • Seamless network expansion capabilities
  • Layer 2 aggregation use-case with migration capabilities to Ethernet VPN (EVPN)
  • Improved total cost of ownership
  • Product: IP Infusion PRO (Software: OcNOS; Hardware: Edgecore AS7712-32X, AS7726-32X)


Original Networking Challenges

  • Deliver multi-gigabit broadband to one million premises
  • Build out scalable and adaptable full-fibre network
  • Highly efficient and fault tolerant network
  • Effective network deployment at lower cost
  • Fast delivery of internet services to homes and businesses


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