ISPA is once again calling on the public for their views on who should be named Internet Hero and Villain at the 2015 ISPA Awards. These awards go to those who have done the most to help or hinder the internet industry, and have been the longest standing categories at the ISPA Awards.

Surveillance has been the major theme of the last couple of years with The Guardian crowned Hero, for their coverage of the Snowden revelations, and GCHQ named Villain for their mass surveillance activities. Surveillance has been a major issue this year too, with DRIPA being passed with emergency legislation and the re-emergence of a communications data legislation in the Queen's Speech. However there have been other developments too, with ISPs and technology firms being asked to do more as well as some real innovation.

Nominations can be submitted to ISPA via email ( or via twitter (@ISPAUK) using the hashtags #InternetHero and #InternetVillain. The deadline to send nominations is 9th June 2015.

Announcing the search, ISPA Secretary General Nicholas Lansman said “The Internet Hero and Villain awards are the longest running ISPA Awards categories and are a good way to recognise those who have impacted the industry, and reflect on the serious issues we have faced.”

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About the ISPA Awards

The 2015 ISPA Awards are the annual Internet industry awards and the 2015 ISPAs is set to take place on the 2nd July 2015 at The Brewery in the City of London. There a rove forty firms shortlisted across seventeen categories and the full shortlist can be seen here.

We are very happy to announce that the Best Business Customer Service Award is sponsored by Halon, the Best VoIP Award is sponsored by Magrathea and the Best Use of Digital is sponsored by hosting experts Tagadab.